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NYC Travel Guide

Hello Lovelies!

This is my NYC travel diary...
I was scared that this might be a little late since its been more than a year ago.
If I'm honest NYC guides kinda don't go out of least I think so.

I really enjoyed my time in NYC, it such an amazing city but I believe its the people who make New York well New York. They are so empowering and strong!

                                                    this is the view from the rooftop bar

We stayed at a gorgeous Hotel called Hotel Hugo in SoHo.
The first day (July 4th) we explored the city, but lets be honest we were battling Jet Lag... so after awhile we went back and took a nap, so we could see the fireworks later that day!

My fave places were...

-The National History Museum
Central Park West & 79th St, NYC 10024
The fossils of the dinosaurs are amazing and really big, let me tell you that! Totally a spot that will intrigue any age!

-Two Hands Restaurant
164 Mott St, NYC 10013
We went to their Mott street location. …

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