First Post

Hello. So I guess this is my first post, the one I've been dreaming, fantasising about.
I just want to say this introduction is not going to be amazing...but I'll try!
Soo lets get started!!
I'm Ella Kate...I've got a love for Fashion, Food and anything vintage even antique!!
I fell in love with vintage a few years ago and it all started through this wonderful book I read called The Time-Travelling Fashionista On Board The Titanic written by Bianca Turetsky...
I actually just picked it up because I was at that time obsessed with anything to do with the Titanic!
And thats how my love for Fashion started.
Food came along a year or two after the encounter with the book!
I'm excited to see how she evolves and I'm very happy for Touch of Raspberry to be in my daily life!
I will keep her updated with new vintage finds, pointless stories, outfit ideas, kind words and pretty things.

Be sure to keep visiting!

Have a lovely Day!!


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