update...it's been almost a year...

Helloo Everyone!
I'm sorry that I haven't posted in almost a year...this is a lame excuse but I've been busy...
so here is a little update for those who are interested!


I went to a Family friends wedding in NYC! It was so beautiful and emotional...
We spent a week in the Big Apple...Since I was small it was always my dream to go to New York and finally we went! Isn't it everyones dream to visit the City that never sleeps?
If you guys would like to have a NYC travel diary let me know in the comments! I'd love to make one, but it might be a lil' to late.

After the beautiful and inspiring week in New York City we went to Washington D.C.
My sisters favourite movie is White House Down so this trip meant soo much to her! I've got to admit it was pretty fascinating!
After the day well spent in Washington D.C. we travelled on over to Texas to visit Family.
It was really nice to have the 2 week downtime in Texas because we hardly got any sleep in the city that never sleeps!
Unfortunately we all caught a cold...that wasn't fun at all!
I also celebrated my Birthday with the Fam:)

After the AMAZING trip...

My wonderful Friend came and visited and we of course did a bunch of fun tourist-y things in Europe!

Then it was time for realityyy...
I started A JOB...well more of an apprenticeship.
That's when things started to get busy. I guess its my fault that I never made time to write and work on my blog...

I hope I'll find more time to write posts, I missed it alot!

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Of course a travel diary would be intersting to read!
    Welcome back to blogging

    1. Hey Thank you for the feedback!! I guess I can start on that soon😊 Have a great Day!!
      -X, Ella

    2. Just wanted to let you know that my NYC post is finally up. :)


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