Taming my hair (in under 10 minutes)

Recently when I wanted my hair to be straight, I've been using a heated hairbrush and I couldn't be more honest it has worked wonders!! Let me describe my hair. It's really dry (like to the Point where I don't need to wash my hair for 5 days) slightly curly, frizzy and thick.
I remember a year ago I tried straightening my hair, I managed to do it. Then right when I stepped out the door my hair got annoyingly frizzy again.  An automatic bad hairday... no fun.



With this brush I have been able to straighten my hair in 5 minutes, usually with a straightening iron it could take more than a half a hour...
But please still be careful, the brush can get hot pretty quick!

To tell the truth most of the time my hair is up in a messy bun because I really can't be bothered!
After finding this I'll be sporting a new hair look from time to time.

Shirt: Zara   Heated Hairbrush: here

Have a lovely Weekend!!



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