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Hi everyone!
I'm sure most of you have had the same or similar problem, you simply don't know what to wear when you are travelling during summer vacation or any time.

Here are some tips I have accumulated over the years of flying long distances and short...

1. Sometimes the airplane gets extremely cold that you hibernate like a bear.  I have dealt with that exact problem a little more than a year ago, I promise you it isn't fun at all! You might want to wear a hoodie, cardigan or have one in your travel bag.

2.You should consider travelling in longer pants if you are flying for a while ca. 3 hours and up. Also think of the location, if you are flying to a warmer place you could wear capri or loose flowy ones, or risk it with shorts. (not recommended by me) If you are flying to a cold place it is logical what you would wear.

3.Layering is key...
Go ahead and layer with jackets, cardigans and scarves. When you land you can take them off.
If you are sensitive to air conditioner you should consider using this tip, even when you go shopping. My mom always used to make me take my Gap jacket when we went to a mall in the US because I wasn't used to the wind blowing on me. 

4. Never travel without a nasal spray. (A tip from Mama-razzi)
Once my mom was travelling and she didn't know she was getting a cold. When the plane took off the pressure started building up, she was crying because her ears were hurting so bad. Nothing helped that she had tried, but a lovely flight attendant said to my mom to use her just bought and never used nasal spray and it did the trick. If her eardrums would have burst she could have lost some of her hearing. 

5.Sparkling drinks equal toots and unpleasant scents...I got this tip from a friend who was a flight attendant. Traveling is already kind of gross so please don't make it even more unpleasant.

6. If you are travelling with Kids give them a media break with Crayola Color-wonderPlay-Doh or Kinetic Sand. My mom always used to pack our backpacks with surprises and she would give it to us when we were on the plane, I love that memory.
I see little kids on tablets, iPads etc way too much it kind of makes me sad. My sister and I used to talk to fellow travellers on the plane we even made friends!

To my travel outfit for this summer...

I chose to wear my floral pants because they are literally so comfortable (like Pj’s) and to make the color and pattern pop I added a classic staple in my wardrobe a simple black tee. I personally think everyone should own a black t-shirt!

Since I'm currently loving my silver superga shoes it was logical for me to wear them they are so freaking comfortable! (Perfect for walking at the airport and at the vacation destination)

To top it off I throw on a dark blue denim jacket.

Black t-shirt: Cynthia Rowley  Floral Pants: H&M (similar)  Jean Jacket: Mexx (old)
Shoes: Superga (similar)  Sunglasses: Zara  Watch: Swatch  Carry-On: Brics  Nails: Topshop (Boy next Door)

Hope you got some inspiration and useful tips!
Have a lovely vacation!




  1. Great tips lovely and I do agree with you that it can be pretty cold on a plane so layering is a must! :)

    1. Thank you soo much!
      Have a lovely vacation!:)

  2. great tips, definitely agree with you. Also making sure to be hydrated and to moisturise.



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