Spring is coming...

Hello everyone!
After a rainy week, I decided to take my vintage Bally shoes out of the closet and into the air again!
To be honest I couldn't be more excited for spring! Are you guys excited for it?
I'm amazed by how quick february went by.
I've got a little story to tell about these shoes...
I remember getting them a year and a half ago, while vistiting a vintage and secondhand store that just opened I was so thrilled to go there. Obviously my first find was a success! I still find incredible clothing pieces there like this faux-leather Pilot (bomber) jacket.

We went for a nice walk and my mom had alot of fun taking pictures so she's gave herself a new nickname Mama-razzi.

Lets say hello to the blooming flowers:

My personal favourite, it's like a sea of white little flowers...

Shirt : Only  Jeans : Topshop Leigh  Shoes : Vintage Bally  Jacket : Secondhand  Bag : Emperia
Sadly there wasn't a label on this leather jacket...

More posts on the way!!!

I hope you guys have a wonderful week!!



  1. Mama-razzi did a good job:) It's amazing what you can find in 2nd hand stores isn't it?


    1. Hey!
      Thanks, I'll tell her!!:)
      It really is amazing what you can find in secondhand stores.


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